Translator specializing in specialized texts

Most of my translation experience has been with texts full of discipline-specific terminology, especially German philosophy and intellectual history. I also translate medical, marketing, and technical texts. Please contact me for rates and availability.

Book translations

The Laughter of the Thracian Woman, by Hans Blumenberg, Bloomsbury, 2015

On Transhumanism, by Stefan Lorenz Sogner, Penn State University Press, 2020

Selected academic translations


Heller, Lavinia. “The Philosophy is in the Details. The Glossary as a Space of Translational-Hermeneutic Creativity”, in: Bada, Valérie; Smette, Bernard; Viehöver, Vera (éds.): Traduction et philosophie. Liège: Presses Universitaires de Liège (Truchements 3).


Heller, Lavinia. “Translaboration as legitimation of philosophical translation,” Target.


Osten, Phillip. Exhibition texts for permanent exhibition, “Medical crime,” at the Medical History Museum of the Hamburg University Teaching Hospital [42 standard pages].

Various authors. Essays, interviews, and short texts on the history of scientific visualizations [145 standard pages] in book +ultra knowledge & gestlatung. Image Knowledge Gestaltung: An Interdisciplinary Laboratory, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.